Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Parade for the destruction of Israel

Parade for the destruction of Israel.

Parade for the destruction of Israel ! ! ! !

State of Israel falter and thieve infiltrators cross the border and we educate them.

Organizations that deal with the destruction of Israel is led by Dov Hanin and his comrades.They want to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. They take advantage of the government's fear of the media and they guide the infiltrators how to squeeze the country more and more.

Have to say wholeheartedly and without hesitation, the infiltrators are criminals , thieves without a limit.

The refugees had to stay in Egypt and to contact the refugee agency in Cairo.

They preferred to come here and we pay a huge amount of money to keep them in Israel. Because here they receive, free Western Health and Free education. Tomorrow they will require public housing , affirmative action in government offices , and their party will would run for office.

We're headed to the state of world citizens .

Foolishly false merciful .

I called the police and told them to bring cameras, bringing clubs , take the infiltrators with batons into mobility and return crescents and from there to Egypt , where they came from .

Show them that the direction is Sudan as an example.

And take pictures, and get first to the world , teach everyone we stopped being suckers ! ! !

Our only country, is in danger.

If the government does not do it , we call to join us , to block them in our bodies ! ! !

Neighborhood residents May Golan, Baruch Marzel , Michael Ben-Ari .
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Arabs Laugh All The Way ...



Arabs attack soldiers and laugh all the way ... State protects them!
Arab nationalist crime receives encouragement from the court and the attorney

Remember the lynching of two soldiers in Haifa who were attacked by five young Arabs. They today received a ridiculously easy penalty of 15 months in prison, and they won't even sit 10 months.

They shouted to the soldiers, "stinking Jews", beat them with rocks and iron clubs . Carved Asaf on the head of one of the soldiers using a sharp knife .

But Attorney General decided - this is not a nationalist .

Must not admit that there is an internal enemy. Because if it is a nationalist crime, punishment would be completely different .

So today Arabs attack soldiers and know they have protection from the Protection Attorney and prosecutor's office.

Even our soldiers and our children were abandoned ! ! !

( But Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner , who strikes an anarchist villain , someone who fills the role of protector of Israel.
He was judged and given 2 months of Community Service and dismissed from the army. )


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Who gave up the Negev, abandoned the Land of Israel

Who gave up the Negev, abandoned the Land of Israel.

Housing Minister Uri Ariel, allowed Prawer-Begin Plan for the Negev Bedouins. They robbed state land and we give them land. This sends the enemy a message that violence pays.

Jewish people do not really believe that this country is his.

Tonight they burn, run wildly as they wave Asaf flags in the Negev and Haifa, and tomorrow ... They want more land. Will the government will give them some more land?

Our enemies know that violence pays off!

Instead of throwing the enemy off state land and give them fines, as they would do to any of us who did the same. They give them land.

It's disheartening to think that this is our policy.
This complete disintegration is dangerous to our existence.
I'm worried!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Powers Agreement With Iran


Not innocent!
Not disappointed!
Not surprised!

It has a name: anti-Semitism.

Only those who remained in his innocence, was disappointed or surprised....

Now we must reinforce the status of the Jewish State, while we keep building our settlements, to strengthen the State.

We know if we were not strong we will be threatened.

When using power, the barking Iranian dogs, will seek someone else to bark at.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do Not Turn The Other Check


Do Not Turn The Other Check

Read this written message (of course what is written here is aimed at enemies only ) :

Michael - Peace for Israel!

There was an incident that I would be happy if you shared ...
Yesterday, Arab city builders from the neighborhood were working on a construction site.
Girls start to whistle on the street and the Arabs called them : " Jewish prostitutes ." And all sorts of things in Arabic.

My friends and I we were angry and from far we shouted at the Arabs so they could see us running towards them. We ran fast like Madmen. The Arabs froze and when we were a few seconds away from them, they fled deep into a building. If G-d forbid, we would go after them maybe it would be the end of us .

Our goal was clear - to deter the Arab enemy from continuing to humiliate us .
It is important to note that I acted that way because I read your posting on brave Jews " do not turn the other cheek " ...
Israel Lives !
If an enemy Arab sees this :
You are here temporarily, very soon we will throw you out our country ! ! !

Ex-MK Ben Ari: Council for Pollard has Failed Him

Ex-MK Ben Ari: Council for Pollard has Failed Him
Gil Ronen

Ex-MK Dr. Michael Ben Ari had sharp words of criticism Thursday for the Council for Jonathan Pollard.

"They keep talking about quiet diplomatic activity, but today it is clear that Jonathan Pollard will die in cruel suffering in jail. This mirror has to be placed before their faces," he said. "Two weeks ago, I received a message from t...hem, telling me to come to a Cameri Theater play for Pollard, it simply incensed me."

Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Ben Ari called on the Council to "switch diskettes" and change the way it thinks.

"They have forgotten what they are acting for, and I blame Jonathan's wife, Esther Pollard, as well. They have to change direction and point an accusing finger at the Americans, show everybody their cruelty. For 28 years, Jonathan is on a cross and his blood is being spilled, and the world is apathetic."

He called on the Council to "do meaningful things," noting that "they have resources that I do not."

"I ask today – could Netanyahu continue to smile at the Americans if it was his son [who was in jail]?"

Ben Ari said that "In the matter of the Jews in the Soviet Union, Rabbi Meir Kahane announced that he would place the subject at the top of the US agenda, and transferred it from page 17 to the front page. Everyone denounced him, including Jews. But he is the one who punched a hole in the Iron Curtain, because he treated it as a life-or-death struggle."

The Council For Pollard refused to issue a response.

Death to the Arabs - Not Immoral!


' Lone terrorist '

After the horrific murder of Eden Atias on the fourteenth, the Ministry of Defense tries to reassure us :
" This is not a wave of terrorism, it is a single incident."

But I understand exactly the opposite: The terrorists are the murderers , and every child of the enemy is a terrorist organization itself.

Abbas arch killer, formed the biggest terrorist organization , with a crazy propaganda , advocating for children aged eight whose purpose in life is to kill Jews and destroy Israel and then they will be martyrs .

Unfortunately even the Israeli government has part of it. When it releases despicable killers , it conveys legitimacy and surrender.
"Kill them if first, before they kill you."
According to the security system , every one of them is a ' suspicious object ' ! ! !

Death to the Arabs !
Makes sense !
Not Immoral !

This is called being conquered in our own country.


This is the reality for soldiers:

> Do not go hitchhiking!
> Convoy will leave the base only (so is the teaching in Jerusalem Central Command)!

> Do not sleep on the bus!

> Soldiers of the Artillery Battalion will travel to the Golan Heights.

"Now it is morning, and I am on the drive to the Golan Heights.
Full of Arabs around me, I really want to sleep, but more want to live ... ".

This is called being conquered in our own country.

Shiva call to the family of Eden Attias

 Tears as the bereaved mother's-heart breaks:.

Right now, we (Baruch and I)come from the family of Eden Attias mourning in their home in Upper Nazareth....
We sat with tears, silence is saying evyatar brothers and light.

Looking for words of comfort - we are not letting the heinous murderer, corrupt the family that remains.

Heard, about the innocence and goodness of heart of Eden. His childhood friends who spoke with us told us about Eden, their old -time friend on the bus on the way to the base, and slaughtered as he feel asleep.

They pointed their finger at the Government's policy of giving imprisonment to the killers rather than eliminate them.

For my part, I repeated:
Death to the Arabs!
It makes sense!
It is moral!
This is the way of a Jew!

Why drop in desire to serve in combat units


He who seeks the reason for drop in desire to serve in combat, just read the message I received from a student.

This is the announcement that I received from a middle school student.

״מיכאל hello ,
My name is Shay, a student of class twelve in the school that is in the regional council Menashe.
A few weeks ago we went on a tour to Hebron on behalf of the school.
The tour... was organized by the part of the educators that support extremism on the left and in the past did a tour on a workshop of " break the silence ", that encouraged non enlistment to the Israeli Army and more messages of compulsory leftists.

We awakened the educators to what this tour teaches, and they said that the tour will show us two of the sides of the political map/from here/.

Inasmuch as that I followed you on Facebook for a long time, and agree and identify with every thing that you write and speak, concerning the situation of the Jews in the country and Judaism , I thought to myself that you are the right man to present the right right side of the map/from here/.

In addition I hope that you will be happy to come and to speak in front of whoever will want to listen. I have wanted for a long time to hear you talk and lecture.

If the thing is relevant with respect to you, I would be very happy to give you all the exact details and update of who is responsible for the tour, and that perhaps you will be able to create a contact with her. The tour takes place 22.12.

Thank you in advance and please continue to do what you are doing.

Letter IDF soldier's girlfriend touched by Arabs


Received, read and enjoyed following letter
This is more proof that there is no other way:

I wanted to share with you what happened to me before ... I went to my regular departure on Thursday from the IDF. This is the time our soldiers unwind and enjoy some ...

We usually leave the Jerusalem City Center as "Jerusalem downtown area is crowded with many bars and people ... I came... a little late and my friends were waiting at the bar " Hzolis " ...

I parked the my car near Zion Square and walked away with my girlfriend in the direction of the bars which was a very populated area with people, making the isle small to pass through. And as always I walked so no one should brush up against or push my girlfriend. As we walked through the crowd I was talking with friends on my cell phone to find out exactly where they are. My girlfriend suddenly yelled "He touched my ass ! "

I do not really understand and immediately clicked off my cellphone and asks her , "Who did this? ? ? " And she immediately pointed to a bunch of 7 + Arabs. Without thinking twice I jumped at the first Arab who was closest to her thighs and grabbed him and started yelling "What are you doing?"

The Arab told me it's not me , and pointed to his friend who began to escape from the crowd. Even though they were a ratio of seven Arabs on one, I was not scared at all! !

I started running towards the fleeing Arab and picked up a glass and hit this Arab on the head. He fell and got up and ran again .

Many Jews had asked me , "What happened ? ? " So I said "An Arab touched my girlfriend in the ass and ran !"

Anyone who asked me what happened and tried to help, I salute them !

At the end we caught the Arab and took him to the Russian Compound where we filed a complaint ..!

What I'm trying to say is that although I was alone, 7 Arabs against 1, I was not afraid. It will probably cause them not to touch a Jewish girl again.

And so it should be - no Arab should not even dare to lift a hand to us or our women in our country, our Holy City ! ! !

I want to add that I just adore you Michael, and your work. There are not many people with courage like yours, to shout the truth and do whatever you can to succeed bravo !

Keep it up and I'm with you all the way through thick and thin ! We are Jews This is our country and will not give or forgive those who try to destroy us ! !

Tired being nice, it's time to defend ourselves with power and without mercy ! !

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Arabs raise their heads in hte Knesset

When enemy Arab Knesset members raise their heads:

Today I saw the enemy in the Knesset rampant and getting the proper response.

They convey a message to their mob, you can step on the Jews, threaten them, exploit them.
And feel as masters of the country.

When I was there, I tried to explain to them who's boss and who is here temporarily.
Very temporary!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Free Terrorists - Kill Them

Ex-MK: Don’t Free Terrorists – Kill Them

Former MK Michael Ben-Ari suggests an alternative to terrorist release, and explains why he’s wearing a keffiyeh.
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By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 10/30/2013, 4:46 AM

Michael Ben-Ari
Michael Ben-Ari
Flash 90
A group of protesters made a last-ditch effort to stop the government from freeing convicted terrorist murderers on Tuesday night by blocking the road out of Ofer Prison with their bodies.

Activists previously attempted to prevent the release by appealing to the Supreme Court, but the court rejected their petition.

Among those who took part in Tuesday night’s protest was former Member of Knesset Michael Ben-Ari. In a post to Facebook, Ben-Ari explained the protest, “We’re against freeing terrorists, and in favor of killing them.”

Ben-Ari wore a keffiyeh – a traditional Arab headscarf – to the protest. A journalist asked him why he was wearing it, he reported.
“I answered, ‘So that I can get rights, too,’” he said.
“The state of Israel is engaged in affirmative action for Arabs only,” he accused. “It releases murderers only if they are Arab.”

“Maybe we should buy keffiyehs for all of the men, and hijabs for all of the women, and go wild,” he suggested.

Ben-Ari led the Otzma Leyisrael party in the last elections. The party fell 9,000 votes short of entering Knesset.
The outspoken former MK has remained in the public eye with controversial protests and high-profile activism, including a protest against “Sudan city” in Tel Aviv and a confrontation with anti-Israel protesters in Tel Aviv.

Sorry we voted for Likud - forgive us Michael!

Letter from numerous people who asked forgiveness for voting for Likud and not Michael Ben-Ari

 Asking forgiveness for voting Likud:

Guilt of Likud voters:
Following the release of murderers of Jews....
(Voters who did give strength to Netanyahu and his execution of this crime).

One of the many messages I've received on the subject:

Michael, good morning.
One more sense of missed opportunity when I voted and I did not vote for you. I feel a sense of guilt that I voted Likud.
Sorry State of Israel is in today with the suffering of bereaved families. Likud should ask for forgiveness!

Michael, please excuse me for the vote I gave to Likud!
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Realsing Murderes of Jews is anti-Semitism

Releasing Murderers of Jews is anti-Semitism!

For two thousand years, when Jewish blood spilled, we have cried, and the murderers snickered.

We established a state, and we assembled an army to smite our enemies in all ...corners of the world. We brought Eichmann here, and hung him; we sent our children to Entebbe to strike the hijackers of our brothers and sisters, and we eliminated the arch murderer Abu Jihad in his bed in Tunis.
We showed our enemies that it is not worth it to harm us, and that whoever dares, would pay with his/her life.

Now, the Netanyahu government is taking us back to the Dark Ages.
The government is releasing murderers of Jews; it is showing the world that Jewish blood does not matter.
And, once again, others can slaughter us, without consequence and punition.

I keep saying, and insisting, this is an anti-Semitic act, even though these are Jews that are allowing it, and committing it.
This government has lost the moral justification for its existence when it abandoned our essence and our fate.

Photo: Michael Ben-Ari:

Difficult feelings:
I think I'm not the only one who cannot believe the stupidity of releasing murderers.
Bibi wants Israel to look good so Abbas will agree to talk to us about the loss of our homeland.

But the truth:
It does not look good.
We are not a people, wishing life.
We disregard the moral justification of our existence.
Release of a murderer,  is a statement, that the murder was justified and the victim that was slaughtered by wild animals is the culprit.
It is encouraging  the next murder and bereavement, following the murder of Jewish victims.

The heart is heavy:  
Government releases murderers to their so-called "Peace" partners.  Partners who agree with these murderers
We lost our morality.

Releasing Murderers

Difficult feelings:

 I think I'm not the only one who cannot believe the stupidity of releasing murderers.
Bibi wants Israel to look good so Abbas will agree to talk to us about the loss of our homeland.
But the truth:
It does not look good.
We are not a people, wishing life.
We disregard the moral justification of our existence.
Release of a murderer, is a statement, that the murder was justified and the victim that was slaughtered by wild animals is the culprit.
It is encouraging the next murder and bereavement, following the murder of Jewish victims.

The heart is heavy:
Government releases murderers to their so-called "Peace" partners. Partners who agree with these murderers
We lost our morality.

Photo: Michael Ben-Ari:
Releasing Murderers of Jews  is anti-Semitism! 

For two thousand years, when Jewish blood spilled, we have cried, and the murderers snickered.

We established a state, and we assembled an army to smite our enemies  in all corners of the world. We brought Eichmann here, and hung him; we sent our children to Entebbe to strike the hijackers of our brothers and sisters, and we eliminated the arch murderer Abu Jihad in his bed in Tunis.
We showed our enemies that it is not worth it to harm us, and that whoever dares, would pay with his/her life.

Now, the Netanyahu government is taking us back to the Dark Ages.
The government is releasing murderers of Jews; it is showing the world that Jewish blood does not matter.
And, once again, others can slaughter us, without consequence and punition.

I keep saying, and insisting, this is an anti-Semitic act, even though these are Jews that are allowing it, and committing it.
 This government has lost the moral justification for its existence when it abandoned our essence and our fate.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Freeze in Jerusalem - The Era of Excuses!


The Housing Minister blames the ' boss ' , Netanyahu for the building freeze in Jerusalem.
And I ask :...
Is the Jewish Home Party (HaBayit Yehudi) an opposition party ?
Or does it gives Netanyahu the authority to do what he is doing ?
Is the coalition agreement that the Jewish Home Party received only great jobs or ideological achievements ?
Just what influence do they have inside when the so- called ' rightwing ' party , releases terrorists , negotiates away our homeland and freezes building in Jerusalem. And not to mention the cuts in child allowances .

Apparently when ones principle is to sit in the Knesset, there is no moral and ethical position which they will impact inside .
The main thing to them is that they all have proper jobs . ...

And for Jerusalem ? You can always blame Netanyahu. But did not Orit Struck and Uri Ariel give Netanyahu their ok when they saw where the government was heading and they are still sitting quietly in the coalition .

Call it a loss through loss of value, I recognized that before the election , it is now before your eyes.



Sara told her husband to divorce Hagar and send her away with her son!
My son Isaac is the one that inherits all that you gave him.

Each person in his own land. Jews in Israel and Ishmael in 22 countries of his own.
Mixing blood and fire is recipe for war.
Jews in Israel and Arabs in their countries and we will have calm and peace.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Letter about Arab attacks in French Hill

Letter about Arab attacks in French Hill
You don't read about it in newspapers.
The price tag, is not done by right-wing extremists ׳ימין קיצוני׳ - it's from those creeping occupiers of our country, and this is the new reality.

The message that I received, including: ... BTW I live in French Hill in Jerusalem. Once you shared someone's post that he was attacked by Arabs. It happened in the evening when he was with... his friends. The Arabs surprised them and kicked them around while waiting at a bus stop.

I have a sister who was attacked last year when coming home from work. An Arab followed her to her house and in the elevator, touched her in private places and she was traumatized. Two days later she recognized him in the next booth (co-op) and police arrested him and about two weeks later freed him and allowed him to get back to work.

Two months ago a neighbor in the next building was attacked by an Arab. He threatened her and said that she better shut up, if not he was going to kill her. (It was in the daylight) she screamed and ran away, while the Arab didn't fear and didn't run.

It happens a lot and nobody cares.

We are used to have our children leave the house alone. Now we don't allow them to go out alone. Not even to the bus or to the store or to the synagogue.

Just thought I'd share, but you hear stories like that every day.

Share those horrors with others  (Translated by Bing)

Israel sells herself to the highest bidder ...

Israel sells herself to the highest bidder ...
All Business !

I'm not surprised by anything .
The Jewish State of Israel sells herself to the highest bidder . ......

It seems that most important is income and economy .
Damn the consequences , the nature of the state , the assimilation.

And in terms of the Foreign Ministry, if we accept Arabs from Egypt and Jordan , it will bring peace .

But I say, that a generation is growing that does not know where they came from and so does not know where they are going.
Who does not know his past and the Jewish National and foreign economic aspirations and hedonism is not interested in anything.

This is a dangerous recipe vent package called ' State of Israel ' .
And an international school , is another accelerating this rant .

I believe this idea is just another spin , but the thought of it is troubling .

We talk 'peace' and that gives them a license to kill.

"Arabs love their murder hot, humid and steamy, and if they ever have the freedom to fulfill themselves, they would use the good and sterile gases of the Germans"

In the Jordan Valley it was the night of murder, another terrible reminder, with whom we are dealing.

We talk 'peace' and that gives them a license to kill.
All who want the release of terrorists, have a criminal part in this murder!

Jews need to recongize the Jewish State, until then don't ask Arabs to recongize us

Lapid argues that Abbas does not need to recognize the Jewish State to talk peace.
And I think that this time he is right !

I believe : Lapid should recognize the Jewish State and we should recognize that Israel is a Jewish state.
Before we demand our enemies to define who we are, we should define who we are.

Meanwhile , the Israeli government and its ministers are doing ever...ything possible to obscure the Jewish state.
Definition of a Jewish state can not amount to words , it requires practical policies and changes to implement a Jewish State:
Saturday in the public sphere , Jewish Day School education , war against assimilation , disable the infiltrators home , eliminating ' family unification' Arabs who bring here every year thousands of ' citizens ' from Arab countries . One official language is Hebrew , and more.

Without it, there is no meaning to the words .
If the Minister of Finance held a press conference on Saturday , we have a country, but not a Jewish state.

First let us recognize what a Jewish country is before we ask that of Abbas.

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Heart!!! (passing of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef )

Michael Ben-Ari:

My heart!
Israel's conservative, founder of Torah and Ahavat Yisrael, and its glory genius Rabbi Ovadia Yosef זצ״ל.

I informed my grown children to make every effort to get to the funeral.
Also I'm on my way to his resting place, along with hordes of crowds as Israel's people hearts and eyes water will tears.

Do You Want An Arab Teacher For Your Child?

Do You Want An Arab Teacher For Your Child?
Michael ben-Ari:

In the attached article, parents bring various claims against the teacher's teaching holidays , his language and shouting .

If this Arab teacher was polite would you want him to teach?
Would it be okay ?

As I understand it , the problem is , the identity !
Or more blurring of identity ....
He nurses your child with false identity and nationalism .
He wants to confuse the identity of the children, who will grow up in chaos and confusion, teachers will continue to teach the opposite of what the child should learn .
It is very pluralistic , very ' not racist ' . But it's also a wonderful recipe for destruction and national ruin .
There are those Jews who seek this. This is the most successful method to harm the Jewish people. No bombs , no nuclear Iran , no suicide bombers.
Just enough that the teacher mixes Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah, Muhammad and Moses and is turned off to Independence Day .
Salad of confused identity . And the destruction of the Jewish people who fought for thousands of years in exile for identity and we allow this Arab is to smash it with his own hands .
What will happen?
And now every stupid person shouts : a racist !
My job is not to remain silent

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stop these attacks!! (nine-year-old girls shot by Arab)

Yesterday Arab terrorist infiltrated the settlement hilltops . He intended to enter the house and kill the family.

The young 9- year old girl left her house. She shouted that there is an Arab here and he shot three times a girl of nine , wounding her in her upper body. He than ran and returned to his home , until the next attempt ...

We lost the means of deterrent !

IDF officers are unable to produce deterrence.

Not every day a miracle occurs , we must treat it as if G-d forbid it did happened.

We have to impose a curfew on Al Beer the nearby Arab village, go from house to house confiscating weapons, destroy their terrorist networks, and know that they have the desire to harm and kill us.

Meanwhile, the Arabs daily climbs to the hilltops from where they throw stones , Molotov cocktails etc. And we do nothing to stop these attacks .

Yesterday , the Arab 'just' made a serious wound. There should be a sigh of relief .

If we continue the same agenda , we will be writing obituaries .

Where are 'residents ' and 'committees ' ?
Where are 'public representatives '?

And if I am not for the Jewish people, who will be ?

It is only a miracle - that the family does not have a funeral .

Three years ago , when the Arabs came from Qalandiya , the Arab village near Kochav Yaakov, I went with a landslide stump of thirty people to Qalandiya .
This caused the police and IDF to act.
Jewish citizens inaction leads unfortunately to the inaction of our feeble government .
Our enemies continue in preparation for the final blow .
And the butcher continues his work .



Advertisement in the North - "Arab academics needed for various positions."

We expect to see a similar publication, except to say: "Jewish academics."
The Arabs shouted: ganooooooooot Goodie! They are getting jobs...

Every day I meet university graduates with various degrees who could not find a job.

Jews who served in the army, reservists who were called up in times of troubles and who studied, finished courses and, paid a lot of money for them.

But government jobs in the North of the country, where not given to the Jews, they given only the Arabs.

I almost gave up Jews said, but we have nowhere to go, we will continue to fight for a Jewish state that we have.

I appeal to employers: Employer Trustee in Israel, to give Jews jobs!
On Wednesday we will fight for Jews to receive jobs.
This is the only way to fight the madness of affirmative action that leads to the Israeli government policies

Arab sat one day in jail

Seduced, blackmailed, committed indecent acts ! - And Arab sat one day in jail.

"Arab journalist Nawaf Athamna, met an ultra-Orthodox girl on the internet, posed as a Jewish boy and started a relationship with her. Then he showed his true colors - attacked and committed indecent acts by hitting and blackmailing the young girl.

Pleas of the girl who asked the court to... give a hard punishment of the assailant, fell on deaf ears. "

And now the Supreme Court validated the ridiculous sentence: six months of community service at a Burial Society in Hadara.

Tomorrow Thursday Kaf-Tet Tishrei 3.10. At 12:30.
We will picket in front of Supreme Court of Justices and the Upper Court.

Demand: The swearing deterrence, restoring honor, and not to eradicate the crime even if it is to an enlightened Arab.

(It is quite likely that if it were a Jewish criminal, he would get 18 years without vacations or third.)

Please Share
Whoever is in Government Center, CBS, welcome to get to the top judges say what we think about them.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Indded a pain in Tirat Carnel. (Shiva visit to Kobi family)

Indeed a pain in Tirat Carmel.
Michael Ben-Ari

We were there tonight I and Baruch Marzel. Marzel told Gabriel Kobi's mom about his familiarity with her son who served in Hebron and the Tel Rumeida area. Baruch spoke about Gabriel's dedicat...ion to his job, friends and Deputy Battalion Commander.

His mother told us that her dear son, left her at the end of Yom Kippur after building the sukkah. She is now going through the difficulty of loss and acceptance.

It was a meaningful meeting and painful one. But it was also full of the inner strength of the people of Israel, revealed during difficult times.

May G-d avenge his blood!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

P.M. Netanyahu only suggested, he did not order return of Jews to Beit Hamachpela

P.M. Netanyahu only suggested, he did not order return of Jews to Beit Hamachpela

After the murder of Gavriel Koby a soldier in Hebron, Netanyahu declared: we act for immediate occupancy of Beit Hamachpela (House of our Patriachs).

Today Arabs filed a response: State Attorney declares "no occupation for anyone." Building has to be registered. This despite the fact the building was bought by, that Arabs claim is theirs.

Netanyahu likes to spin, he wanted to show that he is on the 'right', after the murder. His promise was nothing more than a suggestion and not an order. The actual order he left up to the courts.

Netanyahu tries to self-reinforce his image as someone who is telling the truth.

You have to remember, the only barrier to occupancy, is Netanyahu.

Beit Hamachpelah, was legally purchased, and is part of the process of the return of the Jewish people to Hebron.

The Benjamin Netanyahu government is busy with their "Palestinian" State.

Police at home of Boaz Albert

Police at home of Boaz Albert

Residents came to protest the Yasam's presence at the home of Boaz Albert. The harassment of Boaz is crazy. Our police are helpless against our enemies, and again shows their 'strength' against Jews, actually on a holiday.

Currently, the Border Guard forces are near his home as many visitors came to see the way Boaz earns a living - the Albert family's vineyard.

Whomever is the area protested the Yasam's attempts to remove Boaz.
The injustice of dragging Boaz from his home is done without trial or lawyer.

A Letter From A Soldier

A Letter From A Soldier

Shalom Dr. Michael Ben-Ari.
I thank G-d that I have the privilege to be a combat soldier in the IDF .
The privilege to defend our homeland , the people and our holy land .
I really appreciate what you do for the people of Israel.
You fought and fight leftist media lies.
You exposed politicians in power who pretend to be on the "right" so to speak. The damage they... have done to the state even the most extreme left-wing government had not done .

I joined the Israel Defense Forces with a lot of pride,moral and historical knowledge to how we were persecuted, humiliated and burned in the exiles. But we never had lost hope of going back to Israel, the land of our ancestors, even though it was under the control of an enemies for years. Today thank G-d we received a gift from G-d and returned to our country , endowed with His light and rebuilt the land. Despite the wars and our enemies many attempts to destroy us , we won and we were able to subdue the enemies BH .

I'm still proud to serve the country , but the government makes mistakes , causing not only me but most soldiers and citizens , to feel weak and depressed .

Unfortunately, on our celebration two of our brothers were murdered - our two heroes were murdered in cold blood . I do not blame our enemies, after all they are our enemies.

I blame, the full blame on the Israeli government , which supports these murders by all kinds of deals and gestures that they give to our enemies. They hand them these deals and gestures on a silver platter , which only gives a boost to our enemies to kill more Jews. This gives the world ridicule and contempt of us.

Who never dreamed of the day that Israel will not be able to go to the graves of our ancestors in security. When we can not safely be in the place of our sanctuary and not be able to the Temple Mount, the Holy of Holies.

And all because of what?

For this we poured our blood for this country?
How long will all this last?

I'm still proud to serve and protect the people and the land in the hope that everything will change for the better, thanks to people who want justice - loving the country like you do. The more people the better .

A happy holiday to you and all the people of Israel wherever they

Another soldier killed in Hebron!

Another soldier killed in Hebron!!
Michael Ben-Ari speaks:

Make peace with your brothers.
With enemies make war!

Another murder of a soldier in Hebron:...

And at this time of the year the City of our Fathers is in the midst of welcoming a mass amount of visitors going up to Hebron.

The enemy had control over most of Hebron, and tries to swallow the remaining three percent of the Jewish community.

They murdered 64 Jews before we had a state, territory or conquest, and continued to murder every chance they had.

Hebron terrorists walk freely throughout Hebron and have killed a soldier Gabriel Kobi. The terrorist was released in the Shalit deal.

Terrorists release sends a message to them to spill more Jewish blood.

Thousands of "Palestinian policemen were allowed with the Wye agreement to rule. Netanyahu gave permission to allow "Palestinian" policemen to control most of the Hebron terrorists.

It is time to understand:
Kill an enemy, do not talk to him. Certainly not give it opportunities to hurt us.

Talking with Arabs at cocktail events, creates for us more painful and unnecessary funerals.

Peace talks are drugged hallucination which spawn killers, giving the enemy the mood to kill.

Stop the next murder

Message from Michael Ben-Ari
Stop the next murder: employers hiring terrorists are murderers.

 A demonstration against ׳צחי meat at seven in the evening.
They said that employers play Russian roulette with the life of their employees and customers.
E...mployers should not employ terrorists.
It may costs a few dollars (shekels) more for Jewish help. Life is worth more than the few dollars.

Pass this message: If you do and say nothing, if you stay at home, then this greedy employer and other greedy employers will continue to hire terrorists to save a few dollars and another murder will take place.

Release of Terrorists Leads To Murder

Michael Ben-Ari

Tomer Chazan, a soldier was brutally murdered by an Arab co-worker who has no visa to enter Israel. Tomer is a victim of the government of Israel!

Release of terrorists murderers who go home to murder Jews again. Jews can point their fingers at the Israeli government for these murders.

This is, again, proof that there is no co-existence... with them! Arabs continue to be allowed to work in restaurants, they are nice, beautiful, kind, but ... Enemies.
They kill in cold blood. They are people without a soul.

The enemy is not to blame, he is an enemy!
We are guilty, we are burying our heads in the sand.

And now they will call us a racist. They cry: "racism."

Better to call us "racists", than to go to another funeral of a young life so brutally severed!

Indeed: a fiery pain we feel with this brutal murder.

Arabs Curse Jews video

This Youtube shows what took place in the Old City of Jerusalem. Arabs cursed the Jews, frightening the Christian tourists. Police did not stop the Arab shouts of "kill the Jews'. They did go against the Jews who tried to get to the Arabs, ...especially the one filming this by pushing his head into a wall and threatening him.. This young man studies in the Old City and sent this YouTube to Michael. What happened to Israeli pride? See More

Their right to fight in Syria!

Their right to fight in Syria!

I think that the State of Israel should allow the Arabs of Israel and Syria to fight alongside those they believe are just and true.

In the name of freedom to decide, they're going to come out and join al-Qaeda Lieutenant or Hezbollah, fighting each other.

This is their legitimate national rights if they are willing to fight



I was filled with disgust when I saw the article about Rabbi Sherlow 's prayer for 'poor' children in Syria .

I was ten , when the Yom Kippur War broke out . I prayed in a neighborhood synagogue. Men went to war a young man who always prayed there. This young man, also a soldier went to war on Yom Kippur. He and dozens of his friends were killed by Syrian soldiers on Mt. Hermon. Their heads were cut off and rolled away. ( That's only part of what they did to them ) .

I was a boy of eleven ( funeral was then a year later, because of circumstances , they were buried in temporary graves for soldiers for one year ). I was there when the funeral left from the house of his family.
Forty years have passed , but the story of the abuse of our solders at the Mt. Hermon outpost , burned me, like hot iron.

I saw Syrian soldiers ' poor ' when I was a soldier in the Lebanon War , It was a snowy winter , some frozen to death . We've seen it every morning with binoculars .

Have to say , no I did not cheer , but I did not shed crocodile tears .

My conclusion from what is happening in Syria is that we are a cynical and cruel world and quite egotistical.

I think immediately of my people and pray for them.

And by the way I ask , what is meant by Rabbi Sherlow and Secretary Bnei Akiva compassion , when they say the verse in Psalms :
O violated daughter of Babylon
fortunate is he who repays you commensurate with your recompense to us.
Fortunate is he who will clutch and dash your infants against the rock.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Going Up To The Temple Mount - Sept 16 2013


After the police malicious delays taking one hour to sign us up, we finally entered the Temple Mountain. After seven minutes they closed the Mount to Jews.

Police fear the enemy and all the authority and the... aggression they have to face. I felt ashamed, but didn't give up: praying for the Holy Mount and reciting tefilot.

We will continue to go up to the Holy Mount with determination at all costs.

The Arabs exploded with shouts of ׳אללה אכבר׳. I mocked them and encouraged their move to Mecca!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Will Otzma's 61,825 Votes Affect 2017 Elections?

Will Otzma's 61,825 Votes Affect 2017 Elections?

Although the final tally has yet to be released, it seems that the Otzma LeYisrael party has failed to break the threshold and will not make it into the 19th Knesset. But judging by recent history, the large amount of votes may prompt other party leaders to approach Otzma LeYisrael for the upcoming 2017 elections.

In 2006 Hevron based activist Baruch Marzel ran with the Hazit party. Marzel was considered too nationalistic for parties with similar ideology such as the National Union or National Religious Party (today's Bayit Yehudi party). Hazit gained 24,824 votes, not enough to make the threshold.

In 2009, Marzel was still considered too outspoken, but the National Union felt pressured to prevent him from running separately and thus approached Hazit's number 3 candidate Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. The National Union earned 4 seats in the 2009 elections making Ben-Ari a Member of Knesset.

For the 2013 elections Ben-Ari ran together with MK Aryeh Eldad, also of the National Union. Following the creation of a joint list between the Bayit Yehudi and the National Union, Ben Ari and Eldad said they were not offered realistic positions and decided to run separately, taking Marzel as their number 3 candidate. They earned 61,825 votes, just missing the theshold. Otzma LeYisrael was the largest of the 32 parties to not make it into the Knesset.

It remains to be seen whether Otzma LeYisrael's large support will prompt either Bayit Yehudi, the National Union or other parties to apprach Ben-Ari and Eldad in the future.

Elections normally take place every four years. The next election will most likely be in 2017 barring a Knesset vote to hold early elections.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fellow Olim: Continue to Dream. Only Otzma Le'Yisrael Share Our Dream

Fellow Olim: Continue to Dream
When my wife and I made aliyah from NYC a year ago, we left behind family (including a toddler grandson) and old friends (some of more than 50 years), good jobs and professional standing, a life that many would consider "the American dream." We came anyway, believing in another dream: the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisrael.

We came without jobs, with few connections (our son who made aliyah two years before and a handful of friends scattered throughout the land). The adjustment to a new culture and language, to new attitudes and bureaucracy was challenging. Yet we were comforted meeting olim (in ulpan and elsewhere) who had arrived from all over the world, who were tackling the same challenges with the same level of faith. We came because Eretz Yisrael is a Jew's home--our only home, our hope and our salvation. We didn't wait to be kicked out of the countries of our birth either--we came willingly, giving up the comforts and the familiar.

And yet, in the year we've been here, to my disbelief, Israel has been discarding parts of our homeland as if it were a burden rather than a gift from Hashem to us: bulldozing Jewish homes in Yehudah and Shomron; shutting down Jewish"settlements"; promising to give away the heart of the Jewish homeland to appease foreign opinion; making large areas of Israel off limits to Jews, including entire neighborhoods in Jerusalem; allowing thousands of illegal homes to be built on our land by those who "wage peace" against us.

Following the news this past year, we have become sickened by the daily abuse from our enemies and false friends--worse, the daily gut-punches from our Jewish leaders and media. We didn't give up everything to come here to give up everything again. The dream mustn't die.

The upcoming election presents an opportunity. There is only one party that won't relinquish an inch of our ancient homeland, won't turn its back on Jews who attempt to preserve the land and build it up. Only Otzma L'Yisrael (the Power to Israel Party of Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben-Ari) shares the dream that drew us here and why others continue to come--including my daughter, her husband and our grandson, B'H, before Pesach this year--from America and Canada, from Australia and Argentina, from France and Russia, from Ethiopia and India. Jews everywhere have recognized that it's time to return home, that Eretz Yisrael has called us back to her.

There is no dream, no Jewish homeland, if Jews don't believe it and continue to give it away.

Shlomo Yashar


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Send a Message to Obama and Give Power to Israel!

Send a Message to Obama and Give Power to Israel!

by ‎Stand With Otzma עוצמה לישראל‎ on Friday, January 18, 2013 at 5:07am ·

It is the eve of the Israeli elections, and that great lover of Israel, Barack Hussein Obama, is suddenly concerned about the future of the Jewish State. Concerned that it “doesn’t know what its own best interests are”.

So concerned in fact, that in a vain attempt to influence the outcome on January 22nd, his White House leaked a thinly-veiled threat to isolate and demonize Israel unless it fully acquiesces to his policy of creating a Palestinian terror state in the heart of Israel.

That he did so via Jeffrey Goldberg, a media lap dog that happens to be Jewish, was just for good measure. In addition to the sheer tone-deaf desperation of this move, its blatant condescension was particularly noteworthy, even for Obama. Were Obama and his self-hating advisors so arrogant and ignorant of Israeli politics that they thought this move would actually harm the Israeli right?

As if the Obama administration has done anything other than isolate and demonize Israel for the past four years – incessantly blaming it and not the Islamo-fascists for the lack of peace in the Middle East, and supporting every Islamist revolution of the so-called Arab Spring.

It’s no mystery what Obama and company have in store for Israel in the next four years. Just look at his recent appointment of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, a man with a history of deriding the “Jewish lobby” and appeasing Hamas and Iran. Obama will utilize every tool at his disposal in an attempt to uproot the Jewish People from their homeland, to strengthen the enemies of Israel, and to weaken its resolve.

Netanyahu will face the same pressure that he was unable to withstand in the past, such as when he failed to stand up to Bill Clinton at the Wye River Plantation, resulting in the surrender of Jewish land to terrorist control, and the pressure from Obama that caused him in 2009 to officially adopt the “two-state solution” of the delusional left.

In the likely event that Naftali Bennett joins the coalition, he will in turn be pressured by Netanyahu into ditching the Zionist ideology of those who vote for the Jewish Home for the sake of preserving the government. As Bennett’s recent pronouncements foreshadow, including those about tearing down Jewish homes, the ideologically motivated individuals on the Jewish Home’s Knesset list will have no ability to influence policy once Bennett takes his ministerial seat at Bibi’s table.

The latest Jewish Home campaign posters, which depict Netanyahu and Bennett sitting side by side, have it right – a vote for the Jewish Home is a vote for Netanyahu.

By voting for either the Likud or the Jewish Home, supporters of Israel’s National Camp wind up at the same destination albeit via different road – a government beholden to Obama’s pressure and subject to Netanyahu’s weakness.

But there is an authentic Zionist alternative. By supporting the Power to Israel Party of Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben-Ari, Israelis can send a message to Netanyahu, Bennett, and the leftist elites of the Israeli establishment that there is a large and ever-growing public demanding a return to the ideology upon which the entire Zionist enterprise rests – the Land of Israel, for the People of Israel, in accordance with the Torah of Israel.

The Zionist commitment of Eldad and Ben-Ari is beyond question, as evidenced by their stellar records. Their determination to defend Israel and uproot its enemies is equally unshakeable. These two men will never bend before Obama or any other world leader. A vote to strengthen them is truly a vote to strengthen Israel.

On Monday, January 21st, Barack Hussein Obama will be inaugurated as America’s president for another four years. But the next day at the ballot box, the People of Israel can send a clear message to the entire world and to this modern day Pharaoh – they can vote to bring Power to Israel.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Otzma Leyisrael Brings Muslim Prayer to Tel Aviv

Otzma Leyisrael Brings Muslim Prayer to Tel Aviv

Otzma Leyisrael brings a mosque to an upscale Tel Aviv suburb, wakes residents with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’
By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 1/17/2013, 10:15 PM

Mosque tower in Jerusalem
Mosque tower in Jerusalem
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Otzma Leyisrael party, known for its strong Jewish nationalist views, brought a mosque to an upscale suburb of Tel Aviv early on Thursday. At six in the morning activists began “prayer services” at the makeshift mosque, using a loudspeaker to blast prayers beginning “Allahu Akbar.”
When residents complained about the noise, activists pointed out that tens of thousands of Israelis living in the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood of northern Jerusalem wake up to the same noise every day. Mosques in the Pisgat Ze'ev area start their morning prayers before dawn.

Like many mosques in the region, those in Pisgat Ze'ev use a broadcast system to ensure the prayers are heard for many blocks around. Residents of Akko, Lod, Ramle and other mixed Arab-Jewish cities hear loud Muslim prayers from a similarly early hour.

Some angry Ramat Aviv residents called police to complain, but when officers arrived they were unable to find a law that would allow them to put a stop to the loud prayers.

In a post to his Facebook page, Otzma Leyisrael head Michael Ben-Ari reported that the response from Ramat Aviv residents when hearing about life in Pisgat Ze'ev was to say, “So they shouldn’t live there.”
“Apparently we’ll have to wake them up a few more mornings in order to get them out of their bubble,” he concluded.

The issue of loud Muslim prayer has become part of Otzma Leyisrael’s campaign ads. “Are you, too, sick of waking up in Arabic?” the party asks in a new ad. Accompanying the ad, under the heading, “Quiet, please” is a graphic comparing the noise from a nearby mosque to that from a neighbor’s motorcycle, a party, or a crying baby next door – and noting that the mosque is the loudest.


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Otzma Party Rallies Support Against PA Outpost in E1

Otzma Party Rallies Support Against PA Outpost in E1

The Otzma LeYisrael party will hold an event in Maale Adumim to discuss their platform in the upcoming elections. The party believes in building on all parts of Israel including throughout Judea and Samaria. The meeting will be held in the northern part of the city which has a clear view of the E1 neighrbhood, also known as Mevaseret Adumim.

This week residents of the Palestinian Authority established tents in E1 to protest Israel's building plans there. The Otzma LeYisrael party has called upon the government to remove the PA residents outpost and to go forward with establishing permanent housing units for Jewish residents.

The E1 land is part of the Maale Adumim municipality. The Israeli government has warned that the outpost presents a security risk.

Member of Knesset Dr. Aryeh Eldad will speak in English at the Pnei Shmuel synagogue in Maale Adumim on Thursday January 17th.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Otzma Le'Yisrael Demonstrates in Musmus

From Barbara Ginsberg's Desktop
Otzma Le'Yisrael Demonstrates in Musmus
Dozens of Otzma Le'Yisrael activists marched and demonstrated today, Tuesday, January 15th in the Arab-Israeli village of Musmus in Wadi Ara, 20 miles southeast of Hafia.
The town declared a general strike to show their anger at what they felt was a provocation.
Otzma Le'Yisrael arrived in Musmus to examine illegal construction, thus further enraging the Arab residents.

Baruch Marzel, number three on Otzma Le'Yisrael's list said: "It's inconceivable that the State demolishes unlicensed houses in southern Tel Aviv and such construction continues unhindered in Musmus."
"I'm sorry to say the police are afraid to enter the village. This reality must change or we will lose the whole northern area," said Marzel

מרזל ובן גביר, היום בוואדי ערה (צילום: חגי אהרון)
Ben-Gvir (L) and Marzel at demonstration (Photo: Hagai Aharon)

Itamar Ben-Gvir added that "the village is a symbol for non-enforcement. We blame Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman, because they only talk and never act. Those who demand rights must accept duties."

The march-demonstration is part of Otzma Le'Yisrael's larger plan to create a report on illegal construction in Arab communities -- the answer to the Sasson report, which investigated construction in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.  "This is the message we are talking about throughout the campaign." said party leader MK Michael Ben-Ari. "It cannot be that entire cities and many villages, especially in the Negev and Galilee, conduct themselves as if they were a separate country. Whoever wants rights must pay property taxes, must construct legal buildings and must be faithful to Israel. Just like the Sasson report on the outposts in Judea and Samaria, there must be a report on the illegal construction in the Negev and the Galilee."

Otzma LeYisrael's Knesset placed ads calling on Arabs to pay taxes and to be held accountable to the same laws as Israelis.

"Tens of thousands of illegal structures and dozens of illegal towns built in Israel remain standing, and the selective demolition targets Jews," Otzma Le'Yisrael stated.
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