Thursday, October 17, 2013

Letter about Arab attacks in French Hill

Letter about Arab attacks in French Hill
You don't read about it in newspapers.
The price tag, is not done by right-wing extremists ׳ימין קיצוני׳ - it's from those creeping occupiers of our country, and this is the new reality.

The message that I received, including: ... BTW I live in French Hill in Jerusalem. Once you shared someone's post that he was attacked by Arabs. It happened in the evening when he was with... his friends. The Arabs surprised them and kicked them around while waiting at a bus stop.

I have a sister who was attacked last year when coming home from work. An Arab followed her to her house and in the elevator, touched her in private places and she was traumatized. Two days later she recognized him in the next booth (co-op) and police arrested him and about two weeks later freed him and allowed him to get back to work.

Two months ago a neighbor in the next building was attacked by an Arab. He threatened her and said that she better shut up, if not he was going to kill her. (It was in the daylight) she screamed and ran away, while the Arab didn't fear and didn't run.

It happens a lot and nobody cares.

We are used to have our children leave the house alone. Now we don't allow them to go out alone. Not even to the bus or to the store or to the synagogue.

Just thought I'd share, but you hear stories like that every day.

Share those horrors with others  (Translated by Bing)

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