Tuesday, September 24, 2013



I was filled with disgust when I saw the article about Rabbi Sherlow 's prayer for 'poor' children in Syria .

I was ten , when the Yom Kippur War broke out . I prayed in a neighborhood synagogue. Men went to war includ...ing a young man who always prayed there. This young man, also a soldier went to war on Yom Kippur. He and dozens of his friends were killed by Syrian soldiers on Mt. Hermon. Their heads were cut off and rolled away. ( That's only part of what they did to them ) .

I was a boy of eleven ( funeral was then a year later, because of circumstances , they were buried in temporary graves for soldiers for one year ). I was there when the funeral left from the house of his family.
Forty years have passed , but the story of the abuse of our solders at the Mt. Hermon outpost , burned me, like hot iron.

I saw Syrian soldiers ' poor ' when I was a soldier in the Lebanon War , It was a snowy winter , some frozen to death . We've seen it every morning with binoculars .

Have to say , no I did not cheer , but I did not shed crocodile tears .

My conclusion from what is happening in Syria is that we are a cynical and cruel world and quite egotistical.

I think immediately of my people and pray for them.

And by the way I ask , what is meant by Rabbi Sherlow and Secretary Bnei Akiva compassion , when they say the verse in Psalms :
O violated daughter of Babylon
fortunate is he who repays you commensurate with your recompense to us.
Fortunate is he who will clutch and dash your infants against the rock.

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