Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Release of Terrorists Leads To Murder

Michael Ben-Ari

Tomer Chazan, a soldier was brutally murdered by an Arab co-worker who has no visa to enter Israel. Tomer is a victim of the government of Israel!

Release of terrorists murderers who go home to murder Jews again. Jews can point their fingers at the Israeli government for these murders.

This is, again, proof that there is no co-existence... with them! Arabs continue to be allowed to work in restaurants, they are nice, beautiful, kind, but ... Enemies.
They kill in cold blood. They are people without a soul.

The enemy is not to blame, he is an enemy!
We are guilty, we are burying our heads in the sand.

And now they will call us a racist. They cry: "racism."

Better to call us "racists", than to go to another funeral of a young life so brutally severed!

Indeed: a fiery pain we feel with this brutal murder.

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