Saturday, November 23, 2013

Death to the Arabs - Not Immoral!


' Lone terrorist '

After the horrific murder of Eden Atias on the fourteenth, the Ministry of Defense tries to reassure us :
" This is not a wave of terrorism, it is a single incident."

But I understand exactly the opposite: The terrorists are the murderers , and every child of the enemy is a terrorist organization itself.

Abbas arch killer, formed the biggest terrorist organization , with a crazy propaganda , advocating for children aged eight whose purpose in life is to kill Jews and destroy Israel and then they will be martyrs .

Unfortunately even the Israeli government has part of it. When it releases despicable killers , it conveys legitimacy and surrender.
"Kill them if first, before they kill you."
According to the security system , every one of them is a ' suspicious object ' ! ! !

Death to the Arabs !
Makes sense !
Not Immoral !

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