Saturday, October 19, 2013

Freeze in Jerusalem - The Era of Excuses!


The Housing Minister blames the ' boss ' , Netanyahu for the building freeze in Jerusalem.
And I ask :...
Is the Jewish Home Party (HaBayit Yehudi) an opposition party ?
Or does it gives Netanyahu the authority to do what he is doing ?
Is the coalition agreement that the Jewish Home Party received only great jobs or ideological achievements ?
Just what influence do they have inside when the so- called ' rightwing ' party , releases terrorists , negotiates away our homeland and freezes building in Jerusalem. And not to mention the cuts in child allowances .

Apparently when ones principle is to sit in the Knesset, there is no moral and ethical position which they will impact inside .
The main thing to them is that they all have proper jobs . ...

And for Jerusalem ? You can always blame Netanyahu. But did not Orit Struck and Uri Ariel give Netanyahu their ok when they saw where the government was heading and they are still sitting quietly in the coalition .

Call it a loss through loss of value, I recognized that before the election , it is now before your eyes.

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