Sunday, October 6, 2013

Arab sat one day in jail

Seduced, blackmailed, committed indecent acts ! - And Arab sat one day in jail.

"Arab journalist Nawaf Athamna, met an ultra-Orthodox girl on the internet, posed as a Jewish boy and started a relationship with her. Then he showed his true colors - attacked and committed indecent acts by hitting and blackmailing the young girl.

Pleas of the girl who asked the court to... give a hard punishment of the assailant, fell on deaf ears. "

And now the Supreme Court validated the ridiculous sentence: six months of community service at a Burial Society in Hadara.

Tomorrow Thursday Kaf-Tet Tishrei 3.10. At 12:30.
We will picket in front of Supreme Court of Justices and the Upper Court.

Demand: The swearing deterrence, restoring honor, and not to eradicate the crime even if it is to an enlightened Arab.

(It is quite likely that if it were a Jewish criminal, he would get 18 years without vacations or third.)

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Whoever is in Government Center, CBS, welcome to get to the top judges say what we think about them.

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