Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Realsing Murderes of Jews is anti-Semitism

Releasing Murderers of Jews is anti-Semitism!

For two thousand years, when Jewish blood spilled, we have cried, and the murderers snickered.

We established a state, and we assembled an army to smite our enemies in all ...corners of the world. We brought Eichmann here, and hung him; we sent our children to Entebbe to strike the hijackers of our brothers and sisters, and we eliminated the arch murderer Abu Jihad in his bed in Tunis.
We showed our enemies that it is not worth it to harm us, and that whoever dares, would pay with his/her life.

Now, the Netanyahu government is taking us back to the Dark Ages.
The government is releasing murderers of Jews; it is showing the world that Jewish blood does not matter.
And, once again, others can slaughter us, without consequence and punition.

I keep saying, and insisting, this is an anti-Semitic act, even though these are Jews that are allowing it, and committing it.
This government has lost the moral justification for its existence when it abandoned our essence and our fate.

Photo: Michael Ben-Ari:

Difficult feelings:
I think I'm not the only one who cannot believe the stupidity of releasing murderers.
Bibi wants Israel to look good so Abbas will agree to talk to us about the loss of our homeland.

But the truth:
It does not look good.
We are not a people, wishing life.
We disregard the moral justification of our existence.
Release of a murderer,  is a statement, that the murder was justified and the victim that was slaughtered by wild animals is the culprit.
It is encouraging  the next murder and bereavement, following the murder of Jewish victims.

The heart is heavy:  
Government releases murderers to their so-called "Peace" partners.  Partners who agree with these murderers
We lost our morality.

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