Sunday, September 29, 2013

Indded a pain in Tirat Carnel. (Shiva visit to Kobi family)

Indeed a pain in Tirat Carmel.
Michael Ben-Ari

We were there tonight I and Baruch Marzel. Marzel told Gabriel Kobi's mom about his familiarity with her son who served in Hebron and the Tel Rumeida area. Baruch spoke about Gabriel's dedicat...ion to his job, friends and Deputy Battalion Commander.

His mother told us that her dear son, left her at the end of Yom Kippur after building the sukkah. She is now going through the difficulty of loss and acceptance.

It was a meaningful meeting and painful one. But it was also full of the inner strength of the people of Israel, revealed during difficult times.

May G-d avenge his blood!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

P.M. Netanyahu only suggested, he did not order return of Jews to Beit Hamachpela

P.M. Netanyahu only suggested, he did not order return of Jews to Beit Hamachpela

After the murder of Gavriel Koby a soldier in Hebron, Netanyahu declared: we act for immediate occupancy of Beit Hamachpela (House of our Patriachs).

Today Arabs filed a response: State Attorney declares "no occupation for anyone." Building has to be registered. This despite the fact the building was bought by, that Arabs claim is theirs.

Netanyahu likes to spin, he wanted to show that he is on the 'right', after the murder. His promise was nothing more than a suggestion and not an order. The actual order he left up to the courts.

Netanyahu tries to self-reinforce his image as someone who is telling the truth.

You have to remember, the only barrier to occupancy, is Netanyahu.

Beit Hamachpelah, was legally purchased, and is part of the process of the return of the Jewish people to Hebron.

The Benjamin Netanyahu government is busy with their "Palestinian" State.

Police at home of Boaz Albert

Police at home of Boaz Albert

Residents came to protest the Yasam's presence at the home of Boaz Albert. The harassment of Boaz is crazy. Our police are helpless against our enemies, and again shows their 'strength' against Jews, actually on a holiday.

Currently, the Border Guard forces are near his home as many visitors came to see the way Boaz earns a living - the Albert family's vineyard.

Whomever is the area protested the Yasam's attempts to remove Boaz.
The injustice of dragging Boaz from his home is done without trial or lawyer.

A Letter From A Soldier

A Letter From A Soldier

Shalom Dr. Michael Ben-Ari.
I thank G-d that I have the privilege to be a combat soldier in the IDF .
The privilege to defend our homeland , the people and our holy land .
I really appreciate what you do for the people of Israel.
You fought and fight leftist media lies.
You exposed politicians in power who pretend to be on the "right" so to speak. The damage they... have done to the state even the most extreme left-wing government had not done .

I joined the Israel Defense Forces with a lot of pride,moral and historical knowledge to how we were persecuted, humiliated and burned in the exiles. But we never had lost hope of going back to Israel, the land of our ancestors, even though it was under the control of an enemies for years. Today thank G-d we received a gift from G-d and returned to our country , endowed with His light and rebuilt the land. Despite the wars and our enemies many attempts to destroy us , we won and we were able to subdue the enemies BH .

I'm still proud to serve the country , but the government makes mistakes , causing not only me but most soldiers and citizens , to feel weak and depressed .

Unfortunately, on our celebration two of our brothers were murdered - our two heroes were murdered in cold blood . I do not blame our enemies, after all they are our enemies.

I blame, the full blame on the Israeli government , which supports these murders by all kinds of deals and gestures that they give to our enemies. They hand them these deals and gestures on a silver platter , which only gives a boost to our enemies to kill more Jews. This gives the world ridicule and contempt of us.

Who never dreamed of the day that Israel will not be able to go to the graves of our ancestors in security. When we can not safely be in the place of our sanctuary and not be able to the Temple Mount, the Holy of Holies.

And all because of what?

For this we poured our blood for this country?
How long will all this last?

I'm still proud to serve and protect the people and the land in the hope that everything will change for the better, thanks to people who want justice - loving the country like you do. The more people the better .

A happy holiday to you and all the people of Israel wherever they

Another soldier killed in Hebron!

Another soldier killed in Hebron!!
Michael Ben-Ari speaks:

Make peace with your brothers.
With enemies make war!

Another murder of a soldier in Hebron:...

And at this time of the year the City of our Fathers is in the midst of welcoming a mass amount of visitors going up to Hebron.

The enemy had control over most of Hebron, and tries to swallow the remaining three percent of the Jewish community.

They murdered 64 Jews before we had a state, territory or conquest, and continued to murder every chance they had.

Hebron terrorists walk freely throughout Hebron and have killed a soldier Gabriel Kobi. The terrorist was released in the Shalit deal.

Terrorists release sends a message to them to spill more Jewish blood.

Thousands of "Palestinian policemen were allowed with the Wye agreement to rule. Netanyahu gave permission to allow "Palestinian" policemen to control most of the Hebron terrorists.

It is time to understand:
Kill an enemy, do not talk to him. Certainly not give it opportunities to hurt us.

Talking with Arabs at cocktail events, creates for us more painful and unnecessary funerals.

Peace talks are drugged hallucination which spawn killers, giving the enemy the mood to kill.

Stop the next murder

Message from Michael Ben-Ari
Stop the next murder: employers hiring terrorists are murderers.

 A demonstration against ׳צחי meat at seven in the evening.
They said that employers play Russian roulette with the life of their employees and customers.
E...mployers should not employ terrorists.
It may costs a few dollars (shekels) more for Jewish help. Life is worth more than the few dollars.

Pass this message: If you do and say nothing, if you stay at home, then this greedy employer and other greedy employers will continue to hire terrorists to save a few dollars and another murder will take place.

Release of Terrorists Leads To Murder

Michael Ben-Ari

Tomer Chazan, a soldier was brutally murdered by an Arab co-worker who has no visa to enter Israel. Tomer is a victim of the government of Israel!

Release of terrorists murderers who go home to murder Jews again. Jews can point their fingers at the Israeli government for these murders.

This is, again, proof that there is no co-existence... with them! Arabs continue to be allowed to work in restaurants, they are nice, beautiful, kind, but ... Enemies.
They kill in cold blood. They are people without a soul.

The enemy is not to blame, he is an enemy!
We are guilty, we are burying our heads in the sand.

And now they will call us a racist. They cry: "racism."

Better to call us "racists", than to go to another funeral of a young life so brutally severed!

Indeed: a fiery pain we feel with this brutal murder.

Arabs Curse Jews video

This Youtube shows what took place in the Old City of Jerusalem. Arabs cursed the Jews, frightening the Christian tourists. Police did not stop the Arab shouts of "kill the Jews'. They did go against the Jews who tried to get to the Arabs, ...especially the one filming this by pushing his head into a wall and threatening him.. This young man studies in the Old City and sent this YouTube to Michael. What happened to Israeli pride? See More

Their right to fight in Syria!

Their right to fight in Syria!

I think that the State of Israel should allow the Arabs of Israel and Syria to fight alongside those they believe are just and true.

In the name of freedom to decide, they're going to come out and join al-Qaeda Lieutenant or Hezbollah, fighting each other.

This is their legitimate national rights if they are willing to fight



I was filled with disgust when I saw the article about Rabbi Sherlow 's prayer for 'poor' children in Syria .

I was ten , when the Yom Kippur War broke out . I prayed in a neighborhood synagogue. Men went to war a young man who always prayed there. This young man, also a soldier went to war on Yom Kippur. He and dozens of his friends were killed by Syrian soldiers on Mt. Hermon. Their heads were cut off and rolled away. ( That's only part of what they did to them ) .

I was a boy of eleven ( funeral was then a year later, because of circumstances , they were buried in temporary graves for soldiers for one year ). I was there when the funeral left from the house of his family.
Forty years have passed , but the story of the abuse of our solders at the Mt. Hermon outpost , burned me, like hot iron.

I saw Syrian soldiers ' poor ' when I was a soldier in the Lebanon War , It was a snowy winter , some frozen to death . We've seen it every morning with binoculars .

Have to say , no I did not cheer , but I did not shed crocodile tears .

My conclusion from what is happening in Syria is that we are a cynical and cruel world and quite egotistical.

I think immediately of my people and pray for them.

And by the way I ask , what is meant by Rabbi Sherlow and Secretary Bnei Akiva compassion , when they say the verse in Psalms :
O violated daughter of Babylon
fortunate is he who repays you commensurate with your recompense to us.
Fortunate is he who will clutch and dash your infants against the rock.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Going Up To The Temple Mount - Sept 16 2013


After the police malicious delays taking one hour to sign us up, we finally entered the Temple Mountain. After seven minutes they closed the Mount to Jews.

Police fear the enemy and all the authority and the... aggression they have to face. I felt ashamed, but didn't give up: praying for the Holy Mount and reciting tefilot.

We will continue to go up to the Holy Mount with determination at all costs.

The Arabs exploded with shouts of ׳אללה אכבר׳. I mocked them and encouraged their move to Mecca!