Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ex-MK Ben Ari: Council for Pollard has Failed Him

Ex-MK Ben Ari: Council for Pollard has Failed Him
Gil Ronen

Ex-MK Dr. Michael Ben Ari had sharp words of criticism Thursday for the Council for Jonathan Pollard.

"They keep talking about quiet diplomatic activity, but today it is clear that Jonathan Pollard will die in cruel suffering in jail. This mirror has to be placed before their faces," he said. "Two weeks ago, I received a message from t...hem, telling me to come to a Cameri Theater play for Pollard, it simply incensed me."

Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Ben Ari called on the Council to "switch diskettes" and change the way it thinks.

"They have forgotten what they are acting for, and I blame Jonathan's wife, Esther Pollard, as well. They have to change direction and point an accusing finger at the Americans, show everybody their cruelty. For 28 years, Jonathan is on a cross and his blood is being spilled, and the world is apathetic."

He called on the Council to "do meaningful things," noting that "they have resources that I do not."

"I ask today – could Netanyahu continue to smile at the Americans if it was his son [who was in jail]?"

Ben Ari said that "In the matter of the Jews in the Soviet Union, Rabbi Meir Kahane announced that he would place the subject at the top of the US agenda, and transferred it from page 17 to the front page. Everyone denounced him, including Jews. But he is the one who punched a hole in the Iron Curtain, because he treated it as a life-or-death struggle."

The Council For Pollard refused to issue a response.

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