Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another soldier killed in Hebron!

Another soldier killed in Hebron!!
Michael Ben-Ari speaks:

Make peace with your brothers.
With enemies make war!

Another murder of a soldier in Hebron:...

And at this time of the year the City of our Fathers is in the midst of welcoming a mass amount of visitors going up to Hebron.

The enemy had control over most of Hebron, and tries to swallow the remaining three percent of the Jewish community.

They murdered 64 Jews before we had a state, territory or conquest, and continued to murder every chance they had.

Hebron terrorists walk freely throughout Hebron and have killed a soldier Gabriel Kobi. The terrorist was released in the Shalit deal.

Terrorists release sends a message to them to spill more Jewish blood.

Thousands of "Palestinian policemen were allowed with the Wye agreement to rule. Netanyahu gave permission to allow "Palestinian" policemen to control most of the Hebron terrorists.

It is time to understand:
Kill an enemy, do not talk to him. Certainly not give it opportunities to hurt us.

Talking with Arabs at cocktail events, creates for us more painful and unnecessary funerals.

Peace talks are drugged hallucination which spawn killers, giving the enemy the mood to kill.

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