Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do Not Turn The Other Check


Do Not Turn The Other Check

Read this written message (of course what is written here is aimed at enemies only ) :

Michael - Peace for Israel!

There was an incident that I would be happy if you shared ...
Yesterday, Arab city builders from the neighborhood were working on a construction site.
Girls start to whistle on the street and the Arabs called them : " Jewish prostitutes ." And all sorts of things in Arabic.

My friends and I we were angry and from far we shouted at the Arabs so they could see us running towards them. We ran fast like Madmen. The Arabs froze and when we were a few seconds away from them, they fled deep into a building. If G-d forbid, we would go after them maybe it would be the end of us .

Our goal was clear - to deter the Arab enemy from continuing to humiliate us .
It is important to note that I acted that way because I read your posting on brave Jews " do not turn the other cheek " ...
Israel Lives !
If an enemy Arab sees this :
You are here temporarily, very soon we will throw you out our country ! ! !

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