Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Arabs Laugh All The Way ...



Arabs attack soldiers and laugh all the way ... State protects them!
Arab nationalist crime receives encouragement from the court and the attorney

Remember the lynching of two soldiers in Haifa who were attacked by five young Arabs. They today received a ridiculously easy penalty of 15 months in prison, and they won't even sit 10 months.

They shouted to the soldiers, "stinking Jews", beat them with rocks and iron clubs . Carved Asaf on the head of one of the soldiers using a sharp knife .

But Attorney General decided - this is not a nationalist .

Must not admit that there is an internal enemy. Because if it is a nationalist crime, punishment would be completely different .

So today Arabs attack soldiers and know they have protection from the Protection Attorney and prosecutor's office.

Even our soldiers and our children were abandoned ! ! !

( But Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner , who strikes an anarchist villain , someone who fills the role of protector of Israel.
He was judged and given 2 months of Community Service and dismissed from the army. )


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