Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why drop in desire to serve in combat units


He who seeks the reason for drop in desire to serve in combat, just read the message I received from a student.

This is the announcement that I received from a middle school student.

״מיכאל hello ,
My name is Shay, a student of class twelve in the school that is in the regional council Menashe.
A few weeks ago we went on a tour to Hebron on behalf of the school.
The tour... was organized by the part of the educators that support extremism on the left and in the past did a tour on a workshop of " break the silence ", that encouraged non enlistment to the Israeli Army and more messages of compulsory leftists.

We awakened the educators to what this tour teaches, and they said that the tour will show us two of the sides of the political map/from here/.

Inasmuch as that I followed you on Facebook for a long time, and agree and identify with every thing that you write and speak, concerning the situation of the Jews in the country and Judaism , I thought to myself that you are the right man to present the right right side of the map/from here/.

In addition I hope that you will be happy to come and to speak in front of whoever will want to listen. I have wanted for a long time to hear you talk and lecture.

If the thing is relevant with respect to you, I would be very happy to give you all the exact details and update of who is responsible for the tour, and that perhaps you will be able to create a contact with her. The tour takes place 22.12.

Thank you in advance and please continue to do what you are doing.

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