Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Powers Agreement With Iran


Not innocent!
Not disappointed!
Not surprised!

It has a name: anti-Semitism.

Only those who remained in his innocence, was disappointed or surprised....

Now we must reinforce the status of the Jewish State, while we keep building our settlements, to strengthen the State.

We know if we were not strong we will be threatened.

When using power, the barking Iranian dogs, will seek someone else to bark at.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do Not Turn The Other Check


Do Not Turn The Other Check

Read this written message (of course what is written here is aimed at enemies only ) :

Michael - Peace for Israel!

There was an incident that I would be happy if you shared ...
Yesterday, Arab city builders from the neighborhood were working on a construction site.
Girls start to whistle on the street and the Arabs called them : " Jewish prostitutes ." And all sorts of things in Arabic.

My friends and I we were angry and from far we shouted at the Arabs so they could see us running towards them. We ran fast like Madmen. The Arabs froze and when we were a few seconds away from them, they fled deep into a building. If G-d forbid, we would go after them maybe it would be the end of us .

Our goal was clear - to deter the Arab enemy from continuing to humiliate us .
It is important to note that I acted that way because I read your posting on brave Jews " do not turn the other cheek " ...
Israel Lives !
If an enemy Arab sees this :
You are here temporarily, very soon we will throw you out our country ! ! !

Ex-MK Ben Ari: Council for Pollard has Failed Him

Ex-MK Ben Ari: Council for Pollard has Failed Him
Gil Ronen

Ex-MK Dr. Michael Ben Ari had sharp words of criticism Thursday for the Council for Jonathan Pollard.

"They keep talking about quiet diplomatic activity, but today it is clear that Jonathan Pollard will die in cruel suffering in jail. This mirror has to be placed before their faces," he said. "Two weeks ago, I received a message from t...hem, telling me to come to a Cameri Theater play for Pollard, it simply incensed me."

Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Ben Ari called on the Council to "switch diskettes" and change the way it thinks.

"They have forgotten what they are acting for, and I blame Jonathan's wife, Esther Pollard, as well. They have to change direction and point an accusing finger at the Americans, show everybody their cruelty. For 28 years, Jonathan is on a cross and his blood is being spilled, and the world is apathetic."

He called on the Council to "do meaningful things," noting that "they have resources that I do not."

"I ask today – could Netanyahu continue to smile at the Americans if it was his son [who was in jail]?"

Ben Ari said that "In the matter of the Jews in the Soviet Union, Rabbi Meir Kahane announced that he would place the subject at the top of the US agenda, and transferred it from page 17 to the front page. Everyone denounced him, including Jews. But he is the one who punched a hole in the Iron Curtain, because he treated it as a life-or-death struggle."

The Council For Pollard refused to issue a response.

Death to the Arabs - Not Immoral!


' Lone terrorist '

After the horrific murder of Eden Atias on the fourteenth, the Ministry of Defense tries to reassure us :
" This is not a wave of terrorism, it is a single incident."

But I understand exactly the opposite: The terrorists are the murderers , and every child of the enemy is a terrorist organization itself.

Abbas arch killer, formed the biggest terrorist organization , with a crazy propaganda , advocating for children aged eight whose purpose in life is to kill Jews and destroy Israel and then they will be martyrs .

Unfortunately even the Israeli government has part of it. When it releases despicable killers , it conveys legitimacy and surrender.
"Kill them if first, before they kill you."
According to the security system , every one of them is a ' suspicious object ' ! ! !

Death to the Arabs !
Makes sense !
Not Immoral !

This is called being conquered in our own country.


This is the reality for soldiers:

> Do not go hitchhiking!
> Convoy will leave the base only (so is the teaching in Jerusalem Central Command)!

> Do not sleep on the bus!

> Soldiers of the Artillery Battalion will travel to the Golan Heights.

"Now it is morning, and I am on the drive to the Golan Heights.
Full of Arabs around me, I really want to sleep, but more want to live ... ".

This is called being conquered in our own country.

Shiva call to the family of Eden Attias

 Tears as the bereaved mother's-heart breaks:.

Right now, we (Baruch and I)come from the family of Eden Attias mourning in their home in Upper Nazareth....
We sat with tears, silence is saying evyatar brothers and light.

Looking for words of comfort - we are not letting the heinous murderer, corrupt the family that remains.

Heard, about the innocence and goodness of heart of Eden. His childhood friends who spoke with us told us about Eden, their old -time friend on the bus on the way to the base, and slaughtered as he feel asleep.

They pointed their finger at the Government's policy of giving imprisonment to the killers rather than eliminate them.

For my part, I repeated:
Death to the Arabs!
It makes sense!
It is moral!
This is the way of a Jew!

Why drop in desire to serve in combat units


He who seeks the reason for drop in desire to serve in combat, just read the message I received from a student.

This is the announcement that I received from a middle school student.

״מיכאל hello ,
My name is Shay, a student of class twelve in the school that is in the regional council Menashe.
A few weeks ago we went on a tour to Hebron on behalf of the school.
The tour... was organized by the part of the educators that support extremism on the left and in the past did a tour on a workshop of " break the silence ", that encouraged non enlistment to the Israeli Army and more messages of compulsory leftists.

We awakened the educators to what this tour teaches, and they said that the tour will show us two of the sides of the political map/from here/.

Inasmuch as that I followed you on Facebook for a long time, and agree and identify with every thing that you write and speak, concerning the situation of the Jews in the country and Judaism , I thought to myself that you are the right man to present the right right side of the map/from here/.

In addition I hope that you will be happy to come and to speak in front of whoever will want to listen. I have wanted for a long time to hear you talk and lecture.

If the thing is relevant with respect to you, I would be very happy to give you all the exact details and update of who is responsible for the tour, and that perhaps you will be able to create a contact with her. The tour takes place 22.12.

Thank you in advance and please continue to do what you are doing.

Letter IDF soldier's girlfriend touched by Arabs


Received, read and enjoyed following letter
This is more proof that there is no other way:

I wanted to share with you what happened to me before ... I went to my regular departure on Thursday from the IDF. This is the time our soldiers unwind and enjoy some ...

We usually leave the Jerusalem City Center as "Jerusalem downtown area is crowded with many bars and people ... I came... a little late and my friends were waiting at the bar " Hzolis " ...

I parked the my car near Zion Square and walked away with my girlfriend in the direction of the bars which was a very populated area with people, making the isle small to pass through. And as always I walked so no one should brush up against or push my girlfriend. As we walked through the crowd I was talking with friends on my cell phone to find out exactly where they are. My girlfriend suddenly yelled "He touched my ass ! "

I do not really understand and immediately clicked off my cellphone and asks her , "Who did this? ? ? " And she immediately pointed to a bunch of 7 + Arabs. Without thinking twice I jumped at the first Arab who was closest to her thighs and grabbed him and started yelling "What are you doing?"

The Arab told me it's not me , and pointed to his friend who began to escape from the crowd. Even though they were a ratio of seven Arabs on one, I was not scared at all! !

I started running towards the fleeing Arab and picked up a glass and hit this Arab on the head. He fell and got up and ran again .

Many Jews had asked me , "What happened ? ? " So I said "An Arab touched my girlfriend in the ass and ran !"

Anyone who asked me what happened and tried to help, I salute them !

At the end we caught the Arab and took him to the Russian Compound where we filed a complaint ..!

What I'm trying to say is that although I was alone, 7 Arabs against 1, I was not afraid. It will probably cause them not to touch a Jewish girl again.

And so it should be - no Arab should not even dare to lift a hand to us or our women in our country, our Holy City ! ! !

I want to add that I just adore you Michael, and your work. There are not many people with courage like yours, to shout the truth and do whatever you can to succeed bravo !

Keep it up and I'm with you all the way through thick and thin ! We are Jews This is our country and will not give or forgive those who try to destroy us ! !

Tired being nice, it's time to defend ourselves with power and without mercy ! !

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Arabs raise their heads in hte Knesset

When enemy Arab Knesset members raise their heads:

Today I saw the enemy in the Knesset rampant and getting the proper response.

They convey a message to their mob, you can step on the Jews, threaten them, exploit them.
And feel as masters of the country.

When I was there, I tried to explain to them who's boss and who is here temporarily.
Very temporary!