Saturday, November 23, 2013

Letter IDF soldier's girlfriend touched by Arabs


Received, read and enjoyed following letter
This is more proof that there is no other way:

I wanted to share with you what happened to me before ... I went to my regular departure on Thursday from the IDF. This is the time our soldiers unwind and enjoy some ...

We usually leave the Jerusalem City Center as "Jerusalem downtown area is crowded with many bars and people ... I came... a little late and my friends were waiting at the bar " Hzolis " ...

I parked the my car near Zion Square and walked away with my girlfriend in the direction of the bars which was a very populated area with people, making the isle small to pass through. And as always I walked so no one should brush up against or push my girlfriend. As we walked through the crowd I was talking with friends on my cell phone to find out exactly where they are. My girlfriend suddenly yelled "He touched my ass ! "

I do not really understand and immediately clicked off my cellphone and asks her , "Who did this? ? ? " And she immediately pointed to a bunch of 7 + Arabs. Without thinking twice I jumped at the first Arab who was closest to her thighs and grabbed him and started yelling "What are you doing?"

The Arab told me it's not me , and pointed to his friend who began to escape from the crowd. Even though they were a ratio of seven Arabs on one, I was not scared at all! !

I started running towards the fleeing Arab and picked up a glass and hit this Arab on the head. He fell and got up and ran again .

Many Jews had asked me , "What happened ? ? " So I said "An Arab touched my girlfriend in the ass and ran !"

Anyone who asked me what happened and tried to help, I salute them !

At the end we caught the Arab and took him to the Russian Compound where we filed a complaint ..!

What I'm trying to say is that although I was alone, 7 Arabs against 1, I was not afraid. It will probably cause them not to touch a Jewish girl again.

And so it should be - no Arab should not even dare to lift a hand to us or our women in our country, our Holy City ! ! !

I want to add that I just adore you Michael, and your work. There are not many people with courage like yours, to shout the truth and do whatever you can to succeed bravo !

Keep it up and I'm with you all the way through thick and thin ! We are Jews This is our country and will not give or forgive those who try to destroy us ! !

Tired being nice, it's time to defend ourselves with power and without mercy ! !

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