Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jews need to recongize the Jewish State, until then don't ask Arabs to recongize us

Lapid argues that Abbas does not need to recognize the Jewish State to talk peace.
And I think that this time he is right !

I believe : Lapid should recognize the Jewish State and we should recognize that Israel is a Jewish state.
Before we demand our enemies to define who we are, we should define who we are.

Meanwhile , the Israeli government and its ministers are doing ever...ything possible to obscure the Jewish state.
Definition of a Jewish state can not amount to words , it requires practical policies and changes to implement a Jewish State:
Saturday in the public sphere , Jewish Day School education , war against assimilation , disable the infiltrators home , eliminating ' family unification' Arabs who bring here every year thousands of ' citizens ' from Arab countries . One official language is Hebrew , and more.

Without it, there is no meaning to the words .
If the Minister of Finance held a press conference on Saturday , we have a country, but not a Jewish state.

First let us recognize what a Jewish country is before we ask that of Abbas.

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