Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stop these attacks!! (nine-year-old girls shot by Arab)

Yesterday Arab terrorist infiltrated the settlement hilltops . He intended to enter the house and kill the family.

The young 9- year old girl left her house. She shouted that there is an Arab here and he shot three times a girl of nine , wounding her in her upper body. He than ran and returned to his home , until the next attempt ...

We lost the means of deterrent !

IDF officers are unable to produce deterrence.

Not every day a miracle occurs , we must treat it as if G-d forbid it did happened.

We have to impose a curfew on Al Beer the nearby Arab village, go from house to house confiscating weapons, destroy their terrorist networks, and know that they have the desire to harm and kill us.

Meanwhile, the Arabs daily climbs to the hilltops from where they throw stones , Molotov cocktails etc. And we do nothing to stop these attacks .

Yesterday , the Arab 'just' made a serious wound. There should be a sigh of relief .

If we continue the same agenda , we will be writing obituaries .

Where are 'residents ' and 'committees ' ?
Where are 'public representatives '?

And if I am not for the Jewish people, who will be ?

It is only a miracle - that the family does not have a funeral .

Three years ago , when the Arabs came from Qalandiya , the Arab village near Kochav Yaakov, I went with a landslide stump of thirty people to Qalandiya .
This caused the police and IDF to act.
Jewish citizens inaction leads unfortunately to the inaction of our feeble government .
Our enemies continue in preparation for the final blow .
And the butcher continues his work .

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