Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Letter From A Soldier

A Letter From A Soldier

Shalom Dr. Michael Ben-Ari.
I thank G-d that I have the privilege to be a combat soldier in the IDF .
The privilege to defend our homeland , the people and our holy land .
I really appreciate what you do for the people of Israel.
You fought and fight leftist media lies.
You exposed politicians in power who pretend to be on the "right" so to speak. The damage they... have done to the state even the most extreme left-wing government had not done .

I joined the Israel Defense Forces with a lot of pride,moral and historical knowledge to how we were persecuted, humiliated and burned in the exiles. But we never had lost hope of going back to Israel, the land of our ancestors, even though it was under the control of an enemies for years. Today thank G-d we received a gift from G-d and returned to our country , endowed with His light and rebuilt the land. Despite the wars and our enemies many attempts to destroy us , we won and we were able to subdue the enemies BH .

I'm still proud to serve the country , but the government makes mistakes , causing not only me but most soldiers and citizens , to feel weak and depressed .

Unfortunately, on our celebration two of our brothers were murdered - our two heroes were murdered in cold blood . I do not blame our enemies, after all they are our enemies.

I blame, the full blame on the Israeli government , which supports these murders by all kinds of deals and gestures that they give to our enemies. They hand them these deals and gestures on a silver platter , which only gives a boost to our enemies to kill more Jews. This gives the world ridicule and contempt of us.

Who never dreamed of the day that Israel will not be able to go to the graves of our ancestors in security. When we can not safely be in the place of our sanctuary and not be able to the Temple Mount, the Holy of Holies.

And all because of what?

For this we poured our blood for this country?
How long will all this last?

I'm still proud to serve and protect the people and the land in the hope that everything will change for the better, thanks to people who want justice - loving the country like you do. The more people the better .

A happy holiday to you and all the people of Israel wherever they

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