Sunday, October 6, 2013



Advertisement in the North - "Arab academics needed for various positions."

We expect to see a similar publication, except to say: "Jewish academics."
The Arabs shouted: ganooooooooot Goodie! They are getting jobs...

Every day I meet university graduates with various degrees who could not find a job.

Jews who served in the army, reservists who were called up in times of troubles and who studied, finished courses and, paid a lot of money for them.

But government jobs in the North of the country, where not given to the Jews, they given only the Arabs.

I almost gave up Jews said, but we have nowhere to go, we will continue to fight for a Jewish state that we have.

I appeal to employers: Employer Trustee in Israel, to give Jews jobs!
On Wednesday we will fight for Jews to receive jobs.
This is the only way to fight the madness of affirmative action that leads to the Israeli government policies

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