Monday, October 7, 2013

Do You Want An Arab Teacher For Your Child?

Do You Want An Arab Teacher For Your Child?
Michael ben-Ari:

In the attached article, parents bring various claims against the teacher's teaching holidays , his language and shouting .

If this Arab teacher was polite would you want him to teach?
Would it be okay ?

As I understand it , the problem is , the identity !
Or more blurring of identity ....
He nurses your child with false identity and nationalism .
He wants to confuse the identity of the children, who will grow up in chaos and confusion, teachers will continue to teach the opposite of what the child should learn .
It is very pluralistic , very ' not racist ' . But it's also a wonderful recipe for destruction and national ruin .
There are those Jews who seek this. This is the most successful method to harm the Jewish people. No bombs , no nuclear Iran , no suicide bombers.
Just enough that the teacher mixes Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah, Muhammad and Moses and is turned off to Independence Day .
Salad of confused identity . And the destruction of the Jewish people who fought for thousands of years in exile for identity and we allow this Arab is to smash it with his own hands .
What will happen?
And now every stupid person shouts : a racist !
My job is not to remain silent

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