Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Parade for the destruction of Israel

Parade for the destruction of Israel.

Parade for the destruction of Israel ! ! ! !

State of Israel falter and thieve infiltrators cross the border and we educate them.

Organizations that deal with the destruction of Israel is led by Dov Hanin and his comrades.They want to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. They take advantage of the government's fear of the media and they guide the infiltrators how to squeeze the country more and more.

Have to say wholeheartedly and without hesitation, the infiltrators are criminals , thieves without a limit.

The refugees had to stay in Egypt and to contact the refugee agency in Cairo.

They preferred to come here and we pay a huge amount of money to keep them in Israel. Because here they receive, free Western Health and Free education. Tomorrow they will require public housing , affirmative action in government offices , and their party will would run for office.

We're headed to the state of world citizens .

Foolishly false merciful .

I called the police and told them to bring cameras, bringing clubs , take the infiltrators with batons into mobility and return crescents and from there to Egypt , where they came from .

Show them that the direction is Sudan as an example.

And take pictures, and get first to the world , teach everyone we stopped being suckers ! ! !

Our only country, is in danger.

If the government does not do it , we call to join us , to block them in our bodies ! ! !

Neighborhood residents May Golan, Baruch Marzel , Michael Ben-Ari .
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