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Make Your Vote Count: The Case for Otzma LeYisrael

by ‎Stand With Otzma עוצמה לישראל‎ on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 3:09am ·

We all know that Bibi will remain Israel’s prime minister, whatever the final result on January 22nd. The main question for the National Camp is whether it will be able to influence him from the right. The strongest choice to achieve this goal is the dynamic new Otzma LeYisrael Party, led by Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben-Ari. Here are six reasons why:

1. With Otzma, You Know What You Will Get
Eldad and Ben-Ari have proven records in the Knesset of fighting for Zionist values. With Otzma, you know what you will get – a party that advocates the cancellation of the failed “land for peace” process and unequivocally opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state on Jewish land. A vote for the leaders of other parties is a gamble, especially concerning the likes of Naftali Bennett, who has never held elected office, or Eli Yishai and Lieberman, who have disappointed time and again.

2. Reviving Zionism
At a time when the Israeli leadership has forgotten the basic tenets of Zionism, Otzma proudly raises up the flag of Zionist ideology without compromises or apologies. Even its opponents admit that it is the most ideologically motivated Zionist party running for the Knesset.

3. Transcending Sectarianism
Otzma transcends sectarian divides. Its leaders don’t just talk about unity, they implement it, as can be seen from their Knesset list. Otzma is a joint effort of Ashkenazim and Sephardim, religious and non-religious, men and women - all united by a genuine love of the Jewish People, its Land and heritage.

4. No Rights Without Responsibilities
Otzma is at the forefront of the struggle against Arab members of Knesset like Tibi and Zoabi, who oppose the Jewish character of Israel. Rights and responsibilities are inextricably linked. Otzma will strive to ensure that Arab citizens are required to obey the law and pay their taxes, focusing on an issue that undermines both the Jewish and democratic nature of the country.

5. Resisting Foreign Infiltration
Otzma acknowledges the threat of foreign infiltrators that have established a lawless state within a state in south Tel Aviv. Bibi and Eli Yishai have been unable or unwilling to deal with this situation, which has made the lives of vulnerable Israelis a nightmare. Naftali Bennett has been largely silent on this issue, apparently fearing how he will be portrayed by the media, whereas Eldad and Ben-Ari have called for the immediate removal of this threat.

6. A Message to the World and the Enemy
World leaders seeking to pressure Israel into undermining its own security are emboldened by the weak political leadership they have seen for years. A vote for Otzma sends a clear message to the world, and especially to the enemy, that Zionism is a vibrant force to be reckoned with and that no foreign power will determine the future of the Jewish State.

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