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Otzma Le'Yisrael (Strong Israel) Platform

Highlights of Strong Israel’s political, security,

social and economic platform


The Jewish people in their Land


·         The Land of Israel has been the national home of the Jewish people from time immemorial. The Otzma L'Yisrael (herein: Strong Israel) party declares that our right to the Land of Israel is inalienable, and proclaims that we live here by dint of our thousands-of-years-old right and that we will continue living in the Land of Israel forever.


·         Strong Israel demands the application of Israeli law and Israeli rule of law over all of the Land’s territory, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, and will legislate such a law in the next Knesset.


·         Strong Israel totally rejects the establishment of any additional political or national entity alongside the State of Israel west of the Jordan River.


·         Strong Israel will work for the cancellation of the Oslo Accords and demands the immediate adoption of the Edmond Levy report by the Israeli government.


·         Strong Israel will act to establish Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount and the right of the Jews to pray on the Mount.


·         Strong Israel will work to dismantle the terrorist army’s “security forces” – i.e., the PLO police force.


·         Strong Israel will act to continue the redemption of territory of the entire Land of Israel and to preserve it for future generations.


·         Strong Israel will enact the “Hebrew language” law, making Hebrew the only official language of the State of Israel.


·         Strong Israel will work to evict infiltrators and illegal residents from the country.


Aliya and Absorption


·         Strong Israel believes that the State of Israel is the national home of every Jew wherever he may find himself, and will work to strengthen and deepen the connection of the world’s Jews to the Land of Israel.


·         Strong Israel will act to renew the Zionist momentum. The party views the aliya of all Diaspora Jews to the Land of Israel with utmost importance, in order to strengthen the State of Israel as a Jewish state and to defend world Jewry against assimilation and annihilation.


·         Strong Israel will act to provide substantial incentives to immigrants arriving with business ventures.


·         Strong Israel will work to create and develop sources of employment in Israel in order to encourage aliya, to prevent dropping out and emigration and to prevent unemployment among all Israeli residents.


·         Strong Israel will work to facilitate the absorption of communities who choose to immigrate to Israel as a group, by means of the establishment of communal neighborhoods. We will encourage the establishment of joint ventures involving them and the veteran residents, to maximize social and economic integration and absorption.




·         Strong Israel will ensure that all Israeli children, right from the elementary school grades, acquire a deep knowledge of the history of the Jewish people throughout the generations.


·         Strong Israel will encourage investment of resources to strengthen and deepen Jewish identity among Israeli youth, to prevent assimilation.


·         Strong Israel will act decisively to ensure that those serving in combat units and combat support staff will be entitled, upon their discharge from regular service in the IDF, to full funding of tuition in academic institutions or full vocational programs.


·         Strong Israel will work to restore vocational study tracks in high schools.


·         Strong Israel will fight against the phenomenon of self-hatred, calls to boycott Israel and Israeli academics and support for the Arab enemy, which reveals itself from time to time among an insignificant minority of university faculty in Israel.


·          Strong Israel will fight against the spread of drug and alcohol addiction and against young people dropping out of educational institutions.



·         Strong Israel will act to cancel the Value Added Tax on the purchase of a first apartment.


·         Strong Israel will move to establish an independent authority at the Ministry of Housing that will take the lead in “gentrification” projects in order to rehabilitate neighborhoods all over the country. These projects will receive top priority in planning and building procedures.


·         Strong Israel will work towards reducing the prices of land for construction in the periphery, including subsidizing of land development, along with creating sources of employment in proximity to the neighborhoods to be built.


·         Strong Israel will act to offer land for construction in the peripheral areas to released soldiers.


Economy, Society and Welfare

·         Strong Israel will act to increase fair competition in the economy and to eliminate monopolies, whether overt or covert; to limit cross-control by a few capitalists over all branches of the economy and the media; to reduce the gaps in the economy and in society while preserving and strengthening Israel’s economic interests.


·         Strong Israel will work towards the advancement and granting of unique incentives to research, science and technological development institutes; the establishment of additional standards which will enable Israeli scientists and researchers to return to Israel from abroad; and the creation of new academic and research horizons for young scientists and researchers.


·         Strong Israel will act to put special emphasis on development of alternative energy sources, at the same time increasing awareness of the importance of conserving quality of the environment, within the framework of educational institutions and among the general public.


·         Strong Israel will work to increase Israel’s natural water resources and will demand the doubling of investment in development of alternative sources of water.


·         Strong Israel will work to encourage, advance and develop the various branches of agriculture.


·         Strong Israel will work to enhance the resilience of Israeli society through strengthening of brotherhood and unity among all sectors of society in the country.


·         Strong Israel will act to improve the health system by expansion of the basket of health services, anchoring a fixed annual increment of 2% to update the basket according to changes in population and new medical technologies, and enshrining in legislation the right to choose a physician or surgeon also in public healthcare.


·         Special emphasis will be given to strengthening and empowerment of the weaker sectors, e.g. the elderly, single-parent families, Holocaust survivors, handicapped and elderly IDF veterans, families with special needs.


·         Strong Israel will fight against the phenomena of violence against women and polygamy, covert or overt.


·         Strong Israel will act to eliminate corruption and maintain integrity of elected public officials. The party will work towards establishing stricter rules to prevent the return to political activity of public figures who have committed an offense.


The legal system

·         Strong Israel will act to separate the prosecutor’s office from the Office of the State Attorney General.


·         The party will work to reform the system of choosing judges and will reduce to the minimum, the “bring a friend” system.


·         Strong Israel will act to enforce the egalitarian act on all Israeli citizens at all levels: Arnona and tax payments, building and traffic codes, the obligation of loyalty (to the state) and the struggle against incitement against the State.


·         Strong Israel will work to reinforce the Knesset as the institution that oversees the activity of the executive branch of government and to set up a system of checks and balances between the Knesset and the judiciary.



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