Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ben-Ari speaks in Knesset You Tube

Brief translation of Hebrew YouTube


MK Michael Ben-Ari spoke at a Knesset session and told the members of  paliament that they are strangling the public with VAT and other taxes, while the members of  parliament increase their salaries.

What you are doing is a shame shouted Ben-Ari .

Ben-Ari said that he hopes in the next Knesset the members of parliament will join him to do away with this disgrace. He added, "Do not fear that a parliament member will starve without a raise in salary."

This can be an economic example to bridge the wage gap with the public sector.


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  1. This happens in most countries; the legislators, legislate their salaries and peer diems for expenses, abusively. Not only in Israel, in probably all legislative bodies.