Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reasons to vote for Otzma Le'Yisrael (Strong Israel)

Reasons to vote for Otzma Le'Yisrael (STRONG ISRAEL)

 What do we know for sure about the members of Otzma?
  • They are a party of "No Compromise."
  • They will be the ONLY strong voice in the opposition.
  • They will not be tied down by coalition obligations of how to vote, which always turned into destruction for Israel.
  • Their voice will push other right-wingers to do what has to be done for the Land of Israel and People of Israel.

 MK Prof. Areyh Eldad, MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, Baruch Marzel, Arieh King, Itamar Ben-Gvir are the top 5 candidates for this right-wing party of:

  • No Compromise on the Sovereignty over All the Land of Israel
  • No Two-State Solution
  • Jewish citizens’ rights to live without fear of attacks and missiles
  • Deportation of all illegals that are making Jewish lives a nightmare, especially in the Hatikvah neighborhood of Tel Aviv and any problem plaguing the Jewish State.
Unlike others, they will not be a government of destruction. A promise is a promise and will not change once they are in the Knesset. They are men of truth, those who are not reluctant or afraid to tell the truth, even when it hurts. They will be a party of "Power in Israel, a list of quality people who can be trusted not to flip-flop for jobs or seats in the Knesset, a party not to blend in with those who call themselves right-wing and yet will vote the way they are told to in order to keep their seat or ministry.

MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari and MK Prof. Eldad have proven themselves for the last 4 years. Ben-Ari has been on hilltops when homes were being destroyed, sitting on the tractor hoping to stop them from moving to destroy. He took off his jacket and helped rebuild destroyed houses.
Ben-Ari, Eldad, Marzel and Itamar ben-Gvir have highlighted the illegal immigration issue by going into the Tel Aviv area where the problem is the strongest. They have been in east Jerusalem, supporting the rights of Jews to live there. They called for strong police reaction to the attackers; they went against Zoabi for being a traitor in the Knesset; without fear of world condemnation they called for collecting taxes from the Arabs who owed them to the government and advocated giving that tax money to the nurses who need a decent salary. They go into Arab neighborhoods to show the Arabs and the world that the Land is Ours.  They call loudly for No Two-States, but One-State - a Jewish State called Israel. Arieh King, Director and Founder of the Israel Land Fund, working for the last 10 years in East Jerusalem

Otzma Le’Yisrael has conducted psychological warfare with the media who do not cover all that they do and speak. The media is using the same tactics as they did with Rabbi Meir Kahane h”yd.  However, the strength of the public is enormously strong, and the surveys show that Otzma L'Yisrael is gaining strength and will pass the threshold and more.

Please multiply Otzma Le'Yisrael's power in the next Knesset; surprise anyone who seeks to erase us. Together with you we will win seven and even eight seats.



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