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Ben-Ari Opens Tel Aviv Office Amid Poverty, Infiltrators

Arutz 7 February 21, 2011

MK Ben-Ari Opens Tel Aviv Office Amid Poverty, Infiltrators

National Union's Dr. Michael Ben-Ari decided to set up shop in the low-income HaTikvah neighborhood, which is flooded with African infiltrators.

Most parliamentarians' offices are located in prestigious towers in central Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In an unusual step that is also a social-political statement, MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) inaugurated his new Tel Aviv office this week in one of the city's least affluent neighborhoods: HaTikvah.

The neighborhood has, for decades, been one of Tel Aviv's poorer areas, but in recent years life has become especially difficult for its residents, after it was flooded by a wave of infiltrators from Sudan.

MK Ben-Ari, who inaugurated the bureau by affixing a mezuzah to its door, was joined in the ceremony by longtime fellow activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir, as well as dozens of other activists and residents of the neighborhood.

"I have returned to the locale of my youth," Ben-Ari - who grew up in nearby Kfar Shalem - told those gathered. "I came to listen to the problems and to bring them to the parliament. I have no magic wand with which to solve all the problems, but I promise you that I am not one of those politicians who drops by somewhere and is then gone with the wind. We will be here every week and listen to the grievances and push things forward."

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