Saturday, January 11, 2014

Here in the Holy Land, all hopes come true!

Here in the Holy Land, all hopes come true!

That's how the pioneers sang. They were the trustees of the people and the country who cleared swamps, braved attacks from Arabs at Tel Hai, Hebron, Hadassah convoy etc.

They did it to all, not for the New Israel Fund to pass OUR LAND to the infiltrators from Africa, which we built with hard work and blood.

And not for John Kerry to sell our soul, with the backing of Lieberman and Netanyahu. Just to win a Nobel Prize! This land we built with blood and fire and pillars of smoke!

We will be loyal to our country and swear to keep her with all the strength that we possess. We will pass the Land on to our children!

We won't abandonment our soldiers and our country!

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