“It is a commandment to help and protect he who helps the Jewish people,” the report quoted Marzel as saying. “I don’t hate Arabs. I love Jews and I love anyone who is on our side. It’s only those who hate us, and terrorists, whose heads need to be broken — if not more.

“To an Arab who loves us I’m prepared to give my soul. Those who cooperate with Israel, and members of the [former] South Lebanon Army, will always merit my assistance.”

Marzel also said that the Palestinian man would be given leave to sleep and eat as a guest of a Jewish community in the coming days. His options would be evaluated but, according to Marzel, he would ultimately likely be forced to leave the country.

Marzel was quoted as saying that members of the Shin Bet intelligence service needed to “grow up.”

“We are not in preschool,” he said. “This man is in mortal danger and helping him would have been the right thing to do.”
The Palestinian said he wanted Israel to acknowledge the help that he had provided, adding, “I just want a place to lay my head where I don’t have to fear for my life.”

Baruch Marzel and Itamar ben-Gvir are aids and advisers to MK Michael Ben-Ari.  All 3 were students of Rabbi Meir Kahane HYD

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